Poetry Is In My DNA~Hyacinth W.


My Mom was a Self-Published Poet, among other things!

#MissYourPhysicalButLovingYourSpiritualPresence 😍💕


My Mom was the type of individual, that was so strong-natured, educated and had a sharp tongue, that keeping friends wasn’t always easy, lol! As she grew in life {went from scrubbing floors when she came to this country, to working on her Phd}, her “friends” became frenemies. The friend mail had stopped as well as the phone calls. I saw how sad this made my Mom, so I vowed to write her a letter everyday so that she knew she mattered and was loved. I was about 7 or 8 years old. It never occurred to me, that she wrote a poem about it or even noticed, Love You Mommy!



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