Writing Tips

*Writing Tips #1:”Know Your Words”


*Writing Tips #1 – “Know Your Words”

There are so many words in speaking, it’s practically amazing! Increasing ones vocabulary, is a great way in which to have a grab-bag to pull from when creative juices are flowing. Start with one extra word a week. You will be surprised how quickly you will learn the entire dictionary!

As a child, my mother gave my siblings and I, 28-32 words a week to study. We had to spell, “pronunciate”, & make sentences {working on our penmanship as well}, all by Saturday afternoon, separate from our weekly schoolwork. My siblings hated it, but I loved it and encouraged my mother to do my words on Fridays, since I already knew them, lol! We went through the entire dictionary!

#YesIWasConsideredANerd and loved it, lol!

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