“I AM WOMB-MAN”~Maxwanette A Poetess



I am “Womb-Man.”

The home where man is created and formed.

United cells of us both.

An even mix of “Atoms”.

Carriers of life,

Nurturer of souls.

To tear me down & damage my crown?

Unleashes a karma, unknown to the mental capacity, of this 3D illusion.

I am the reflection,

Of the womb, in which first caressed you.

Even those, with wombs that are barren, breasts, never to form, life’s milk.

All are created in soul & heart uniquely, which love smiles fondly upon.


 Never mistake the need of MAN, to form, who I AM…

We are to connect beyond the realms of physicality.

Reforming, remembering, & creating our own realities.

Based on the connections, upon which the Universe designed, within us all.


I know you because I know me.

I know all that was, is, and has.

I created the Universe…to be.

Close your eyes,

Feel and see with your soul,

Our connective energies…

Now take hold!

by Maxwanette A. Poetess




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