“I’m Having An Affair”~Maxwanette A Poetess


“I’m Having An Affair”…

Lol! Did I catch your attention?

Hope I’m not misleading you, but it’s true. I’ve been having an affair for almost 15 years now.

There are times when I wanted to cut it off, start anew, trying to figure out the reason for the union as this was the 2nd time we decided to be together.

Wrestling with the thoughts of how intimate and intertwined we have become. Through life’s experiences, we’ve been a dynamic duo of strength, complimenting one another, no matter what the world threw at our feet.

I imagine life without you, looking at the process it took to get us to this point. Undertaking a journey that I never expected, never knew I wanted, wasn’t aware that I needed, yet here we are.

See, “I’m Having An Affair”, and as I caress the wetness of your essence, breath in the aroma of your very existence, smiling as you tickle the very center of my spine, in ways no man can, I realize that parting with you would be the very unraveling & destruction of self.

Many may see vanity and insanity in my dedication to you, but those who are having affairs, surely understand. You embrace and compliment me, allowing me to delve into the fullness of self.

See, “I’m Having An Affair” and feel blessed to be able to do so. As we walk through this life, held up, with the pride of our union.

*Inspired by the relationship I have with my locs. Yes, the affair is with my hair 😉

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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