“We’ve Forgotten”~Maxwanette A Poetess


{Picture derived from Google}

We’ve Forgotten?” 

We have become a society that has forgotten…

“People Need People.”

We’ve forgotten how to, “Live, Love, Laugh”, care, share, sing, dance,

help one another, care for the sick, elders, animals & nature.

We’ve forgotten how to live & be free.

We’ve forgotten humanity.

We have fed into the hype of, “Every man for himself”

as we become by ourselves.

We’ve forgotten that we need one another,

Yet we still continue to smother…

Our very own existence.

We’re too busy caring about what some may say if we sing & laugh every day, or just hug a tree.

You forgot how to be you,

I forgot how to be me.

We’ve become the new & functional zombies.

It is easier to fix than we know. Simply plant a seed, water it & let it grow.

Lend a helping hand, love the deemed un-loveable,

Throw, “living like the Jones’s” in the proper receptacle,

and try to over-stand.

We’ve forgotten…That we need one another.

*Inspired by a Facebook post. It started as a mere comment, that grew into a poem. It happens, lol! 

“Namaste & One Love”


by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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