“Don’t Ask Me Dumb Shit!”~Maxwanette A Poetess


 “Don’t Ask Me Dumb Shit!” 

Please save your time, rewrite your playa lines,

Asking questions, you know the answers to, like a dumb bitch…

“Don’t ask me dumb shit!”

What do you mean, how should it be?

Man, you lied, was dishonest & tried to play me.

Where were your concerns, when you found time to not be legit?

“Don’t ask me dumb shit!”

It was not I, that rocked the boat,

But deceptions & secrets that you kept afloat.

Pretending to be, what you claimed to be, now you’re asking about me?

“Don’t ask me dumb shit!”

Can we go on? The trust is now gone,

Yet you’re amazed and surprised that I  lack patience & I’m angry.

“Baby, do you still love me? What should we do?”

What tha fuck does love have to do with it? Your actions said plenty,

So, “Don’t ask me dumb shit!”

*At times, we simply ask the wrong questions at the wrong time. When damage is done, it’s best to simply leave things alone, if all you’re doing is making things worse. Sometimes, people make a mess of things and either it can, or cannot be fixed. I can guarantee though, that playing dumb or asking dumb shit, especially when you’re in the wrong? Doesn’t help, lol! If you’re trying to mend the broken fences, pissing the person off, really isn’t a smart way to go. It’s like pouring salt in a wound, then asking if you felt it.  

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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