“I’m Not Dying Here With You” ~Maxwanette A Poetess


 “I’m Not Dying Here With You…” 

Through this life and many others…

I tried with you, I cried with you,

Walked through the storm & died with you…Not anymore.

Taking the brunt of the defunct beat,

In which, you choose to dance, never once caring, of the souls you cut.

As you were busy, bleeding from your self-inflicted injuries,

I bled with you, but…Not anymore.

Leaving you in your self-designed, blood-filled pit,

Suffocating from the pressure, from self and others.

As you have blindly & ignorantly cast aside the Love-Preserver,

Created to assist you in this existence…Not anymore.

I love you, yet the “time” has come,

New worlds & lives have already begun.

My job here? It’s already been done.

I’m not dying here with you…Not anymore.

*Inspired by new beginnings and views in this life. At times, one has to leave others behind as they elevate and change. It becomes a selfish act, as the need & want to survive and move on becomes so great it simply cannot be denied…Not anymore 😉

by Maxwanette A.Poetess


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