“Was I Here?”…~Maxwanette A Poetess


 Was I Here?… 

Excuse me, May I ask you a question?…

Did I leave my mark, light a spark, Did anyone even care?

Was I seen, Did anyone touch my being?

Was I Here?

Did I plant any seeds, Did they grow, Did they turn into weeds?

Did I pave a way, enjoy nights and days, or Did time just trickle away?

Were there tomorrows and yesterdays?

Did I live and love hard, carved my own little niche, or private boulevard?

Did I make a difference, Did anyone heed what I said, was it all for naught,

Better left for the dead?

Was I Here?

Did I inspire a mind, save someone else’s behind, Did I drop a good word,

Was my presence felt, was it heard?

Was it all done in the dark, like night-time in Central Park?

Was there a sigh or even a solitary tear?

As I drew my last breath, I too questioned Death…

“Was I Here?”

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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