“The Yin & Yang”~Maxwanette A Poetess


(Picture derived from Google)

The Yin & Yang

Each new day that I rise,

is a path that I create,

on the journey, that only I can take.

Seeking over-standing & perfection,

within imperfections, that are Ankhly perfect,

creating an even balance within self.

Looking at the mirrored reflection of faults within others,

and seeing the images of self, catering to the same ego,

provides the path of forgiveness and love, the path in which to ascend.

Learning how to let go, of the shackles that bind,

coupled with fears of the past & present, leaving them in their matrixed programming.

Freeing one to move forward & onward into their destined existence.

A welcoming smile, returning home and back into self,

the key to one’s Universe,

which was there and within, all the time.

No longer soul-searching,

as the soul searched,

has embraced itself in its oneness…

The even balance,

finally allowing yourself you live, learn, love & be “FREE.”

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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