“I’ve Seen…”~Maxwanette A Poetess



“I’ve Seen… 

I’ve seen and have gone through the suffering upon this land, 
I’ve seen the greed & selfishness in realms that many don’t over-stand.
I’ve seen the destruction, done to self and one another,
I’ve seen all the distractions based on money, status, power, sex & color.
I’ve seen the faces of lost hope and despair,
I’ve seen those who claim love, but really do not care.
I’ve seen the hatred, that keeps us apart,
I’ve seen the residuals of this…inside my own thoughts, being & heart.
I’ve seen the memories of what it once was,
I’ve seen the divisions that destroy us just because…
We’ve forgotten to see & be LOVE.
As many don’t give a damn and some wonder what to do,
I’ve seen what we can be if we re-learn to love and fix the view.
The core purpose of mankind has gone askew,
Reconnecting of Souls, making love the focus, changes this 3-D hue…
“I’VE SEEN…Remember? You’ve seen it too.
“Namaste & One Love”

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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