“Do You Think That You’re All Alone?”~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Do You Think That You’re All Alone?”

Do you think that you’re alone?

As the feelings of isolated desolation,

Leaves you so forlorn.
Barely wanting to move,

Wishing you forgot how to breathe

Whilst dancing on that tight-rope of mental disease.
Do you think that you’re all alone?

Your tenacity & bravery, that you never notice,

They live past the psychological torture that your brain thinks this is.
Many may try to degrade your presence,

As they throw their negative 2 cents,

At the breaking of your silence.
Do you think that you’re all alone?

The pains that you feel, cause others to deal,

With the pains & struggles, that they’re going through.
Such a precious sacrifice,

Expressing the effects of this life,

And the toll it took… that’s how it looks .
Do you think that you’re all alone?

Then come,

These words of empathy & love are for you.
And it’s okay,

I used to think that I was alone too,

But look? I found you.

*This poem was created out of an empathetic need. I encountered many damaged Souls in this life. Which is easier to do, if you’re damaged as well. The beauty is the healing. Along with seeing and knowing of self, loving oneself regardless, basking in this love, saturating in it and sharing it with others. Sharing this love, heals from within and then outwardly. This Universe (World, Earth, Planet) is too big and filled with too many people, for anyone to feel, stay, be, or believe that they’re all alone through the madness. No matter how crazy, unfair, painful & defeating it gets, someone is sending positivity your way, someone is trying to remind you that true love exists, someone is encouraging your Soul to remember that love began with YOU, someone is rooting for you to become aware and acknowledge, that you’re divinely created, preciously gifted, seriously needed & 


 “Namastè & One Love”💖💛

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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