“We Danced”~Maxwanette A Poetess

(Picture derived from Google)

“We Danced”

I see a smile, I felt a tear,
But I know that love is here.
This is not a moment for grief.

I heard a song, I danced along,
Even as the pain, made me gain,
Another portal in which to release.

Surrounded by hearts & Souls turned to stone,
I danced & sung all alone,
Simply waiting to be free.

Then I thought,
Through the hell that was fought,
There is another, singing & dancing, just like me.

I kept pounding my feet,
Heavily, to the soulful beat,
Combined with Love & Unity.

I opened my eyes,
There was no surprise,
That the solo became a duo and I became Us…

And we danced.

*In life, we experience the negatives and positives. So many times, many of us feel that we’re going through this experience all alone, especially during difficult times. 
Funnier still, if we talk to a group of people, we can usually relate to similar experiences regarding just about anything and everything. 
I find that during these experiences, calling on help and or support from others is a strong, wise and loving spiritual move (a dance of connective Souls). This reinforces one’s energies and assists one in making it further. 

by Maxwanette A. Poetess


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