“Just Like You”~Maxwanette A Poetess

Just Like You
I don’t want to feel…

So I won’t have to deal,

With the hell, that I went through.
The pain, the loss,

Don’t begin to cover the cost,

That it makes me wonder, what did I do?
The struggles that were shared,

As you beat my skin bare…

In the morning, there’s ignoring, of the blacks & blues.
The horror & shame that was felt, as each blow was dealt,

Our babies cried—As I slumped to the side,

Blood droplets spattered their faces, like fresh morning dew…
It’s so beautiful here, I have no more cares,

The birds are happily singing,

Chirping welcoming “Howdy-Do’s!”
I have returned to my natural form of a star,

No more cursing, beatings or physical scars.

Gone were the pretend “I love you’s.”
Suddenly, my eyes became wide.

My reality crept inside… And then I knew.

As the wind became my breath, our children viewed my death,

And I stopped feeling that day… Just like you.

                    ~Maxwanette A. Poetess



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