Humanity, Know Thyself, Love, Morality, Poetry

📚✍🏾”Simplicity”~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚


(Pictured: Mississippi Gulf Coast)


The simplicity of the sun-rays,

cascades gently, as it flows, solitarily,

alongside a restful frame.


Creeping along, spreading its warming glow, throughout time and space.

Illuminating the walls, in the rooms in which love dwells.

Shifting, ever so gently,

Not wanting to arise, from such a soothing and intoxicating slumber.


Conforming and surrendering unto its will, by the very liquescence of one’s core.

Cradling of all senses, allowing a hypnotic flow of acknowledgment and acceptance,

Of who one is and created to be.


The smile of the “ever-knowing” of the journeys lost, conquered and lie ahead,

Forming the symbiotic relationship of everlasting hope and faith,

Another fraction in time of rare appreciative value.


Blessed opportunities flow upon the crown, created divinely and definitively,

By the “Most High” of all and eternity.

The promise of another day is indeed guaranteed to none.

The significance of its very existence, simplistically noticed.


Self-acknowledgement of uniquely coded blueprints,

Never to achieve the ability, to rival the first clarification of awareness,

“fated destiny”


Anatomic crescendo, of Mt. Rushmore-ish enlightenment,

Interlacing with the arterial system and igniting the flames of life,

within your soul.


For it is within the most simplistic of things, the greatest of things derive…


© Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.



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