📚✍🏾”No Words Are Needed”~By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚


 “No Words Are Needed”

No words are needed,

As we dive into the waters of life’s pathways.

Viewing the experience as a mission,

Expanding upon our life’s purpose.

The expressions of the rhythmic beats,

Seeping from the very pores of our existence.

Complimenting the thoughtful questions,

Placed upon the tiles of knowledge.


No words are needed…


A combined force of strength,

Fulfilling the movement of passion.

That gently strokes the heart,

Humbling the tongue, rendering it mute.

A cataclysmic roaring, mighty as a Lion,

Basking in the union of his Lioness.

Forever altering societies shackled mentality.

Erasing the distance, categorizing its irrelevancy.


No words are needed…


To follow the pattern created & designed by the Master of all.

Stripping away pride, ignorance, humility, and strife.

As I gaze in awe and the knowledge, of who you are.

I lower my head, as my heart and mind,

Meet with a renewed sense of each other.

(((BOWING GRACEFULLY))) to you My King…


“No Words Are Needed.”

© Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.


*Inspired by a phenomenal Jamaican  Dub Poet, multi-talented & gifted Artist, Yasus Afari.


Yasus Afari

~By Maxwanette A Poetess {aka Max A. Poetess}

History on Yasus Afari  – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasus_Afari



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