📚✍🏾”The Question”~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚


(Picture was taken @ Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, 2016)

The Question

Did you choose Buddha, Christ, Allah,

or an inanimate object…

To worship or model your existence


Have you decided or questioned,

your mission & purpose in life…



Are you destined to dance, like a puppet on a string…

because you have become shackled,

To the illusions in this life?


Will, you continue to ignore,

the pulling within your soul…

That longs for the real you to live?


Can you over-stand the vibrations,

that continue to resonate…

Inside, the being you have been created to be


Did you even ask the question?

© Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.


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