“No One Knew”~Maxwanette A Poetess


(Picture derived from Google)

No One Knew

No one knew the pain,

She was taught not to cry.

Reared to keep moving as time went by.

Forced~Riped & no longer an innocent child.


Molded into chaos and angry at the world,

No one knew the pain, of the baby inside the girl.

Forced to be a mother before ever growing & knowing of self.

No surprise when she cracked…But no one knew the pain she felt.


Putting on the mask,

Moving throughout the Universe.

She did what she had to do,

Her children came first.


Touched by others, who felt the power that she held,

But so many hungry & lost Souls,

Damaging her for themselves.


Ripping at her Soul & tearing at her flesh,

Devouring what they could, while hoping for her death.

No one knew her pain as she fought for each breath.

As her Soul now soars, no more pain to be dispensed.


Light & electrifying, she floats through the parallels,

Touching mankind, to remind them, where love dwells.

And no one knew the pain.

By~Maxwanette A Poetess



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