Humanity, Poetry, Resources, The Poetic Storm Vol. 2

📚✍🏾”HOW?” ~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚


(Picture derived from Bing)


How did you become this beast?

So unrecognizable, that the sight of you makes one wonder.

When did you lose, trade, sell or give away,

The essence of yourself?


Ravages & damaged seedlings,

Cling to the reality of your brutality.

Who are you? Are you even human… Anymore? What have you become?

Caught within the special hell, that you are now sweating in.


Oh, I knew you once…Remember?

When your skin was so smooth, eyes shined bright.

Your dimpled smile made the stars ever so envious.

I knew you before your heart died and your Soul seeped out.


You are still loved, yet you reject it,

As it falls to the floor, as you hate yourself for the actions you committed.

Paling in comparison to the chaotic corruption that you’ve become.

Lack of compassion now mirrored in the pool of false tears.


I remember when you were eager to live,

Now, how you wish you could die…

How does one become so undone?

I miss you.

*Inspired by the damages done to people going through substance abuse, as it affects their loved ones and friends as well.

© Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.






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