*American Book Fest


The 2018 American Fiction Awards sponsored by American Book Fest

The American Fiction Awards (AFA) are a specialty book awards focused on honoring excellence in fiction and are specifically designed to not only garner media coverage & book sales for the winners & finalists but to promote awarded books to the publishing and entertainment industries!

-Final Entry Deadline: May 31, 2018. Postmark your entry on or before 5-31-2018.

-Enter Your 2016-2018 Titles! Open to all books with an ISBN and published in 2018 (galley copies welcome). 2017 and 2016 titles are also eligible.

-Extensive Media & Social Media Coverage throughout the busy holiday retail season!

-$69.00 per title/per category.

-Winners and finalists will be announced August 2018.

Complete 2018 Entry Information:


“Independent, Digital & Self-Published Books are redefining the Publishing Industry. Now more than ever; readers, media, and the industry at large need quality reviews and book awards to let them know what to focus on. The 2018 American Fiction Awards are a virtual book festival that will award quality fiction published in the United States.” 
–Jeffrey Keen, President & CEO, American Book Fest

Enter the 2018 American Fiction Awards:


NOTE: Please pay attention to all rules and requests, before entering contests. This contest also has no affiliation with the author of this page. 



Author: Poetry, Language Of the Soul

{Maxwanette A Poetess} I have been writing poetry since the age of 5. I enjoy poetic expression and feel that, "Everyone Is A Poet." We all speak and in our speech, we express a message, that is usually attached to an emotion and or feeling. To me, this is poetry in it's natural form.

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