*The Poetry Packages

eBook – $9.99 (AZW, EPub, PDF)

Printed Book – $19.99

Printed & eBook – $29.98





Stephen Bennett’s book, ‘The Poetry Packages’ – Thirty Years, is a 30 year anthology of selected poems written by Stephen between 1975 – 2005. There are 7 thematic ‘Package’ sections, and 23 ‘Poem Bundle’ sub titles. The main themes are: Humanity, Love, Young, World, Family, Pilgrimage and Presence. The poem bundle themes are: Quest, People, Environment, Relationships, Love, Passion, Intimacy, Friendship, Young Love, Student, Growing, Temptation, Religion, Virtue, World, Home, Woman, Children, Pressure, War, Calling, Cave, Present, all presented with the wonderful graphic photography of Bernadette Meyers of breeze.pics. A few of Stephen’s poems were written in his late teens, before he came to Christian faith, and reflect early prophetic stirrings, searching, and a valid sense of rawness that still remains current today. The majority of his rhyme was diligently penned over those 30 years. In our busy world, we can take time to reflect in the rhyme; find hope, and be invigorated in the many things we all feel, experience, and go through in life. The works are presented without chronology, with the dates and years left off – packages that can be unwrapped anytime.


About The Author

Stephen Bennett is a multi-creative; author, poet, singer, songwriter, worship leader, recording artist, and has produced Christian television, film, and documentary programs. He loves seeing artists rise up, fulfilling their art, blessed by God, and prospering in their craft. Stephen has traveled widely, encouraging and inspiring many singers, musicians, and artists. Nearly 40 years a Christian, he continues to write books, produce, teach, and be a creative and prophetic voice. Stephen is from Sydney Australia.


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