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Poetry Is in My DNA~Maxwanette A Poetess

I will start with my first hero, inspiration & poetic mentor. A Poetess that I watched write, publish her own book of poetry, start her own recording company, perform at poetry recitals, etc. This woman was breaking grounds I knew nothing about at the time.

She had a voice that was so DYNAMIC, it moved you. No, she wasn’t great at singing, lol, but her poetic volumes were PHENOMENAL!

Before Maya Angelou became my favorite Poetess, there was & still is indeed, the best in my world…

“My Mom!” Her stage name was, Lia MiMi. A combination of her grandmother & great grandmother’s names (Leah & MeMe).

She showed me how to make Poetry, come alive! I did my first Poetry Recital by the age of 11/12 in Brooklyn, NY at a place called, “The New Muse.”

I recited one of my Moms poems named, “The Propella.” I can still hear Mom, reciting it with such passion! I mimicked her style, passion and brute force in deliverance. As people clapped, I remember the joy I felt, reciting it, My Moms Poetry! Lol, best time ever!!! Thanks Mommy😘🤩😇

By~Maxwanette A Poetess

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