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📚✍🏾”I Live To See The View” ~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚


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I Live To See the View

I done been some places.

Yeah, I’ve even seen some things,

I’ve seen birds trying to fly, with broken wings.

I’ve seen many forget the HUMAN in “Human Being.”

I done seen the moon, reject the sun.

I’ve seen parents abandon & devour their young.

I’ve seen the battles one goes through when they don’t hold their tongues.

(((LoL!))) Baby! I done seen some things.

I’ve seen many jump in ignorance, hatred & violence,

Innocents perish from the blast.

I’ve seen many white-washing cultural atrocities, hiding the past.

Heck, I’ve even seen the homeless, giving others their last.

Shit! I’ve seen children turn against their Mothers, Brothers against Brothers, Our Women hating & warring with one another.

I’ve seen people go crazy for becoming lost lovers.

Uh-Uh-Uh! I tell you! I’ve seen some things.

I’ve seen the worst of things, turn out for the good, I’ve seen Love & Unity within the Hood.

I’ve seen many turn blind-eyes, to the systematic destruction,

hoping to be good slaved zombies, for the NWO’s Plantation.

I’ve seen what I can, I’ve seen what I wasn’t, I’ve seen the Universe within Self,

sharing the reflections.

I’ve seen the power of the gentle touch of a hand,

as lips mouth the words “I Love You”, the answer, sadly many do not understand…

I’ve done seen some things.

And throughout this life,

bundled joys



“I live to see the view.”

© Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.

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