Humanity, Know Thyself, Love, Morality, Poetry, Universal Connections

📚✍🏾”Soul-Mated Life Partners”~By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚


Soul-Mated Life Partners

My Darling,

You are so beautiful,

          and I am lonely without you.

You betwixt my heart with your soulful magick,

          your smile makes my chakras warm.

 I need you in my life, our thoughts are already in sync,

          as distance is irrelevant.

The Yin to my Yang, the Feng in your Shui,

          our past lives intertwined, as we exist in our Now.

Male & Female reflections of our inner-selves,

          combining of these dual and magnanimous energies…

As we started in the beginning, throughout the Universes,

Rivaling the dimensions…

          “We Are One.”

©Maxwanette A Poetess {aka M.A.M.}, All Rights Reserved.

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