✨Accept It, Own It, Claim It✨❤️💛💚


2 thoughts on “✨Accept It, Own It, Claim It✨❤️💛💚

  • Hi!

    I sometimes get a little confused with technical details. I wanted to respond to one particular poem but I couldn’t find a way to click on that to respond to just that poem. So forgive me for responding here. Can you walk me through to how to just respond to one poem ?

    There was this beautiful phrase :

    : Floating on the Soul of words
    Created & designed, from the beginning of time

    I would love to hear what was happening for you when you wrote this? I was taken by the idea of trying to come from my heart or my soul when I speak. When I want to say here is that it does have this flowing, effortless quality when I’m able to do this.

    And I think this connects with me that is coming from a higher source and so when you say created and designed, that’s where I go to! Does this connect at all with your experience?


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