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📚✍🏾”Great Expectations” ~ By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾📚




It’s a girl…maybe,

We can’t be sure.

Not in the mood for delivery,

While being pushed through the hospital doors.


“It’s a girl!”, sounding convinced,

Yes, they laughed as I winced.

Try as they might to determine its sex,

but the baby kept crossing its legs.


Worn & tired, no energy just moans,

I don’t want to, it’s no big deal, I want to go home.

Then came the words that could not be undone…

“Ma’am, you’re going to have a SON.”


There was a burst of electricity and gone was the pain.

A boy! Ha! Haaa! I already chose his name.

Hurry! Get my room ready – for inside me was a Prince!

Ready to make his grand entrance.


Bearing all pressure, breathing through the strain.

focusing on one thing, rubbing my swollen stomach,

Over & over again…

“The pain is worth it, I’m giving birth to a King!!!”


His father, a piece of him & I reproduced, right there.

I saw no one else, I didn’t really care.

I kissed & caressed the crown of his hair, thrilled that

my great expectation had finally appeared…

“My Son”


“This poem was written and inspired by the experience of being pregnant and giving birth to my Son. We didn’t know the sex of the baby. I already had two girls and gave up on getting a boy. It wasn’t until I was in such high risk, that they did an emergency sonogram. Mind you, I was tired, worn, in pain and had no energy to even move. When they told us that they saw a scrotum? I jumped off the table, did a dance, & sung and whined (Jamaican Dancing) all the way to the delivery room, lol! The doctors swore I couldn’t have been the same woman that could barely move 25 minutes ago, lol! It was the hardest pregnancy & birth I ever had. But I didn’t care. I WAS BIRTHING A SON, A PRINCE, A KING!” You couldn’t tell me anything. 8 & a 1/2 pounds, 23 & 3/4 inches, MY SON!”

“Namaste & One Love”💖💛💚

© Maxwanette A Poetess, All Rights Reserved.

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