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✨✍🏾One Step Over Please…- By, Maxwanette A Poetess✍🏾✨


“One Step Over Please”…

Just because I’m here, doesn’t mean I lack motion.

Indeed you hear my cries, feel my pain, yet I will keep walking.

On and on the journey goes, completely deluded by the silence of my heart.

Besides my fears, my Soul continues to let me know I am on the right track.

Beauty is oh but skin deep, but the power of the “Unlimited Mind”, prevents the teeter-totter into the depths of the unknown.

Knocked down, wrung out, and left to die by the waysides of man’s misunderstandings-ignorance-& hate of self.

I will go on! I must go on! For time belongs to none, and many a time, my drums refused to beat…

Yet, here I am, once again, brought from glories not my own, rising from the ashes, like the proverbial phoenix, a prayer upon my lips…

I said, Excuse Me! “One Step Over Please, Is where I want to go”…

See, there is something that awaits me on the other side, of Hell…

It’s called LIFE.

©Maxwanette A Poetess


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