✍🏾📔Fucking Holidays, by Maxwanette A Poetess📔✍🏾


Fucking Holidays…

So yeah,
Imma take a moment to say,
What the hell is up with these,
Fucking Holidays?


Do we look into what they represent?
Or are we just in it,
for all the presents?


Forced to congregate,
and an opportunity to educate,


On what these Fucking Holidays,
really mean to you.
I’ll tell you what they mean to me…


They represent primitive times,
as they shine the spotlight on the minds,
on the ways of days gone by.


I ignore all the mess,
remember that, “I’m too blessed to be stressed”,
Learning to simply love the vibes of the family & friends gathering.


Our gifts are our presence,
especially since we’re all reveling in the essence,
of just being together.


As Love pours forth,
shared laughs, hugs &
the wiping of a tear…


Damn these Fucking Holidays! 😌

©Maxwanette A Poetess

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