“There’re so many opportunities for Poets & Writers now, compared to when I was growing up, but it’s not enough in my opinion. I still feel that The World Of Poetry still isn’t getting it’s just desserts. I’m playing my tiny part, in sharing my journey into this Poetry World. I like providing resources & information. Because sometimes just finding out about something, can have an astounding effect on your life. P.L.OT.S.’s BULLETIN BOARD, allows me to be able to do that.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

We at P.L.O.T.S. (Poetry, Language Of the Soul), post writing opportunities from a variety of sources. So, we created P.L.OT.S. BULLETIN BOARD (STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING CHANGES). We do not personally offer any of the opportunities advertised, are not affiliated with them, nor liable for their advertising, we do not receive any benefits or monies from these sources. We pay our full subscription, like anyone else. The benefits are the resources, the opportunities, & sharing it with others.


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