“Live, Laugh, Love”❤💛💚

2 thoughts on ““Live, Laugh, Love”❤💛💚”

  1. I love this message! It is exactly how I live my life! Focus and conscious living! When I came to WordPress I came as myself and tried to comment too many poets with my heart and positivity! There was a poet that decided that that was wrong and I was ridiculed for that and then another poet shared with someone who shared it with me that my poetry was horrible. So now I pretty much keep to myself I follow so many blogs but I don’t comment as much as I used to… not even close. Everyone should be recognized for their worth but that is not always welcome. But like I said I absolutely love your message here and that is how I live in my life as many others do as well! I am so glad to still see you here with all of your positive messages and I believe I said that to you when I first came across your blog. It’s refreshing and the colors that you often use our amazing, uplifting and so appreciated! I just had to come here because I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your positivity! It’s so healthy and I’d like to believe that there are so many people that need you beautiful soul to share your words that can touch people with care! You are making a difference! Bless your heart!❤️🌹☀️

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    1. Myth!!! Hi!!! I noticed your absence for a moment. I’m sorry to hear of such a negative experience. One thing I’ve learned in this life? Although late, do you. Because there will always be someone/thing trying to dissuade you.

      I had a poet tell me that children couldn’t write Haiku’s or 5-Line poetry. Well shewt! The first poem I wrote at 5 was a Haiku and I wrote many. I was also writing poems of all types/forms. By the time I was 9, I wrote my first epiphany. I never followed any particular style afterwards, but simply wrote from my heart & Soul.

      If I look back in life? There were many things that I felt I could do, wanted to do, knew I could do, but was deterred for I lacked confidence in self. It took many mistakes & losses for me to see, that other than typical stumbling blocks, I had somehow fell for the hype & okey-doke. I stopped trusting & believing in myself.

      So I share this to say? WRITE!!! Write what your heart, mind, body, & Soul tell you to. Ignore the naysayers & obstacles of doom (yep, I named those bastards, lol!). Who is to say your poetry is good or not? If someone doesn’t like it? They can simply go to another page. You? You delete & block them. DO NOT LIVE YOUR LIFE BASED ON THE STANDARDS & EXPECTATIONS OF OTHERS. It took me most of my life to learn this.

      I’ve been writing poetry for most of my life. Mom was a Poet & I followed her lead. I never shared them because they were my private thoughts, feelings, & experiences. One day I shared a piece & a beautiful energy (Nakato Lewis – Miss you) that I met on Facebook, insisted that I share my poems, voice, love, & energy. I thought she had lost her mind. I had ZERO confidence in self or my poems. I was clueless how to share my voice. A voice that was raised to be silent, abused, hated, abandoned & rejected for the majority of my life. How could I share my deepest feelings…With STRANGERS??? LOL, Yes Nakato was insane, lol! But she said something that bugged me even after she transcended. She said, that my energy was needed.

      So, I swallowed my fears & started sharing. I came across negativity & still do from time to time. But I refuse to let that stop me. Why? When I lost everything in this life, including myself? My Soul, Poetry, & The Most High was all that I had left. When I began to stand within my own self, the title,”Poetry, Language Of the Soul” was born.

      Myth, I’ve never been published, haven’t had any offers, and physically at this moment not able to perform my poems as I would like. But I write & I share. Why? Because Poetry is a great part of my existing purpose. I’m doing what makes others happy. I’m doing what makes me happy. I’m doing what makes my Ancestors happy. I’m using & sharing the gift that I was created for and blessed with. I try to remind people not just of life, but that love is the purpose of us all. I can be gentle as a midnight Summer’s breeze or lashing as a Tornado. But I’m doing & fulfilling part of my purpose. I say, if I can help just one person I’ve done my job. Even if that one person? Is myself.

      Myth, stand firm in who you are. That isn’t always an easy thing to do. But once you have? Hah-Hahhh!!! There’s no stopping you. Do not let others define you or your existence and don’t beat yourself up. I wish I had the strength I do now when I was younger. But I don’t regret my past lives. I went through everything to be exactly who I am right now.

      I know people who can’t sing worth a damn. But they wake up every day, belting out those tone deaf tunes, not caring who hears. Why? Because it feels good & makes them happy. I have a poem called, “UNDEFEATABLE” – the video is on the blog. This piece was born, but it was created way before I gave it life. I had lost so much in life, had so little, and was depressed about it. Then a voice said deep within my mind, “Babygirl? It’s rough, it hurts, but look. You’re still here, you’re still standing, and undefeated.” I looked at my reflection in the mirror, through the tears, heartaches, and hell…And I laughed so damn loud, the neighbors thought I had finally lost my mind, lol! Far from it. I finally embraced myself & all that I had been through. I began to sync with my strengths & my defeats. I saw ME. I got naked, sat there in the mirror, laughing, crying, scolding, forgiving and simply loving ALL OF ME. I knew then, that I would not be stopped. I will not be conquered. Shiiit! “I’m UNDEFEATABLE!” 🥰 Because if after all the horrific things I’ve endured, the mistakes, tolls, sacrifices, private hell and losses I’ve experienced, and to be able to love myself & others, being a positive energy is beyond miraculous in my book.

      Share your poems Myth, feel free to comment on my blog & social media pages anytime you wish. OWN YOUR VOICE or others will speak for you. And click, block, delete anyone who wants to throw their negativity in your arena. Because YOU? You are the One, that I helped today. And the way this beautiful thing works? You have helped me more than you know, because it isn’t often, unless you’re rich & famous, committed a crime, or doing something degrading and deviant, does one know that they’re making a difference. You are bringing blessings to my heart. That’s LOVE. And that? That’s something that my existence has been lacking so much from others and from those that one would expect it from. So I thank you Myth for existing and being you (((HUGS))).

      “Namastè & One Love Myth!”❤💛💚

      “We’re All In This Thing Called Life…TOGETHER…Remember?”

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