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“Thank You”…It Just Doesn’t Seem Enough

I started out with this post before. But I deleted it. I spotted an error (not just a typo either, lol!). See? Thank You, just didn’t seem enough…

My Poetry started as a personal journal of a Nerd, lol! I was a lonely, abused, & a Nerdy child. So, I read a lot and wrote like crazy. I could never keep a journal, because it felt stupid to me writing in a book just because. I had to take it deeper. Sure, as a child I wrote children stories but I loved Poetry. It was and is a World that offers me great comfort & freedom in being ME.

To have others share this with me, read my other social media pages and blog, commenting, sharing their talents/skills, engaging in conversations with others and with me, and yes, even those who just watch and say nothing. It’s a grateful, appreciative & humbling experience. Not to mention I’ve met some really Amazingly Awesome people and shared some Beautiful Positive Vibes.

So I Thank Each & Everyone reading this post & even those who missed it. Thank You All.
~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

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