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🌹✍🏾What To Do When Mom’s Transcended?✍🏾🌹

Today is the day, that we take to celebrate our Mother’s. Many let their Mothers know regularly, how wonderful & appreciated they are. Even if the relationship wasn’t/isn’t always great? You love your Mother, for without her, we wouldn’t be here. But it’s always extra fun to show our Mother’s how much we love them.

But what do you do, when your Mother’s transcended & no longer physically here to share a hug, a laugh or word of advice? Well, I talk to my Mommy all of the time. I feel her, because I’m a part of her, so she’s always there.

So on Earthstrong Days (birthdays) & Mother’s Day, I write to her, as she was also a Poet. It’s a beautiful connection between Mother & Child. It’s great to reminisce, looking at pictures, videos, talking about your Mother with siblings, family & friends that knew her. Cook her favorite dish or even play her favorite songs. It’s also okay to cry. I did last night. But they were tears of love. Of course I didn’t cry for too long. My Mother would hate that, lol! It’s okay to cry people. Just don’t get stuck there😉.

Being from Jamaican parents, I was raised that apart from The Most High, no one matters more than your Mother. As children & even in adulthood,  speaking poorly of someone’s Mother can get you severely beaten or even killed. Mothers are our roots & we take defending, protecting & caring for them very seriously. We often thank our Mother’s for what they went through bringing us here & maintaining us.

So don’t let your Mother not being here depress you or steal your joy…She wouldn’t want that. Remember her in love & fondness, because her energy is still there & lives on through you.

🌹✍🏾”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”✍🏾🌹

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚


“My Mommy – Hyacinth W.M.”

Hi Mommy!!!
How I love & miss your physical presence in this realm of existence. I miss your laugh, your smiles, your scrunching-up your eyebrows when in deep thought, I miss our talks & walks down memory lane, I miss holding you, I miss our manicure & pedicure time, I miss our sharing of Poetry, I miss caring for you, I miss singing with you – yes, even though you sounded awful, lol! I Miss You Mommy.

You know that I think about you EVERYDAY. Even though you’re not here in the flesh, I feel your energy surrounding me all the time. I know we had a rough relationship, but I’m happy & blessed that we got the time to spend together. I’m honored to have been able to show you how loved you always are. Thanks for helping to save me when I died in 2017. Please tell Granny & Aunt Mirel Happy Mother’s Day too & also “Thank You Mommy For The Nine Months You Carry Me Through.”


Love Always,

“Thank You Mama” – By Sizzla

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