I Wish I Were Already A Non-profit!!!

What I would do with these types of donations…

Oh the people I could help! Poetry, Arts, & Literature would be at the forefront. But above all, I would teach literacy. There’s a large population in the South, that are illiterate, children & adults.

I’d open a community center & a Poetry Hub to help my community & surrounding communities, sponsor artists in their endeavors, assist the youths on a larger scale, open up a poetry lounge in my town – geared towards the youths, provide temporary shelter for those who honestly are trying to get on their feet, assist the homeless population, provide empowerment classes & workshops for people of DV (Domestic Violence), setup a poetry center in Jamaica – that also offers social services to the community, start a publishing company & publish Poets & Authors, I can go on forever, lol!

#DreamsBecomeReality ❤💛💚