Review by Maxwanette A Poetess:

It was FANTASTIC. We started with a few technical glitches, it happens. We had a racist & sexist hacker, but Kathy Figueroa cut him off at the knees, Brother Ras Atiba disarmed his psyche, I suggested we ignore him, and he went away, 3 of the poets bailed – no video & no-shows. But as they say, “The Show Must Go On!” And we did…

Now the positivity? The vibes were beautiful, the poets were MAGNIFICENT, the love & laughter was shared. We had a beautiful time.

It was touching to hear the women & men of poetry, express LOVE. I was touched by EVERY Poet. Even our youngest Poet, Brother Bakare (18 years old), amazed me. The deep, & soulful richness of his voice, the feelings in his words, and his dedication was simply AMAZING.

Kathy Figueroa was simply wonderful! Her poems made me feel & think. Her reaction to the hacker was astonishing & beautiful! I wanted to hug her, lol! Thanks again Kathy! #GoKathy 😍

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, also via video, was captivating and beautiful. It was a pleasure having her. She has such a beautiful calmness to her.

“Kimo” Maurice Campbell, was full of life, energy, and youthful vibes of excitement! He was a breath of fresh air. Great performance.

Christine Wright was fun & touching. Her poetry, style, and being, was greatly appreciated & felt. She made me smile.

Even the host, Brothed Anord, recited a heartfelt piece, that made me stop and really look at his amazing talents.

Brother Ras Atiba, was magnetically mesmerizing & suave, with his reciting, poetry, and aura. He was a delight.

Brother Owusu, delivered his poem & his very presence was electrifying and deeply felt.

Noreen, a dear poet and friend. Was a viewer, and was invited to share. She ROCKED! Her poem touched us tenderly.

Danielle Martin was also beautiful. Her style and recital, emits such emotional connections. She is a joy to listen to.

Brother Wise Wurdz, stole the show, lol! His words were felt, attached to the beauty of Dub Poetry. He sang & I danced in my seat, lol!

As women, we are expected to share our feelings & emotions. And share we did. However, it was beyond beautiful, touching, and deeply felt, to hear our Men, Our Kings & Princes, share the love within themselves. I felt like a proud Mother Hen, lol!!! 😅😍

And even myself. I wasn’t supposed to be on live. But that changed & turned out wonderfully. I had such a great time, feeling and sharing the vibes of my fellow Poets & viewers. It brought me completely out of my shell.

Love Won on The International Poets Connection’s Presentations, Poetry of Love. We will be doing it annually, so expect even more beautiful things.

Also, this Summer “The Poetic-Chain,” will be going live. So, I will come knocking on the doors of talent.

I have to say, that I was pleasantly elated, by each and every Poet. So, again, it was exactly as it should be. A showing & sharing of love & positive vibes.

So to my fellow Poets & Viewers (((BOWING GRACEFULLY))), I thank you all.

🌹🌍”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”🌍🌹

“Namastè & One Love”☀️❤💛💚☀️