🤷🏾‍♀️Father’s Day…For Mothers?🤷🏾‍♀️

Might Piss-Off Some People🤷🏾‍♀️

Why are some women still accepting Happy Father’s Day greetings?

Are we still saying, “Well, I am my kids, mother & father?” or “My Mom is the only dad I know.” Are you a mother, being given gifts for Father’s Day & accepting them? If you are? Please, I overstand, but stop it.

Yes, many of us are forced to take over the duties of a father, especially when they maybe absent from the home and or the lives of the children. And yes, it does become a dual role. But we are still MOTHERS.
Because the last time I checked, Mother’s are women & Father’s are men. When did that change? It doesn’t. Choosing poor men as Father’s, is where we went wrong, or so many other reasons, why he may not be in the picture. Heck! I made poor choices as well & I learned.

The point is? I’m darn tired of some women taking the day that’s for the men & Father’s away from them. It’s their day. For there are sooo many Father’s that are WONDERFUL & they should be allowed to fuljoy their day, without women taking over.

I had parents that wanted nothing to do with me, most of my life, based on the ignorance & hatred they had for themselves. I wish I had a Dad, like many I see. For our men are so vital, especially in the life of a little girl.

A Father teaches a girl, how she should be treated, what to pay attention to, and how to be prepared for whatever life throws her way. They show boys how to be men, be a provider & sustainer & protector. When a Dad isn’t there? Children lose their footing, and for little girls, we grow up to be women, missing that special connection, and that guidance in how to deal with men and certain things in life.

Yes women are known for “Doing It All.” But this day, is for the men, who are doing it all as well. I give YOU, a standing ovation. Because despite what many may say, “WE NEED & LOVE OUR MEN.” So, when Father’s Day is here? Good grief, let the men have it!

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