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I took a moment, before sharing my review.  Why? Because this book, poetry, author, friend, and mentor, deserved no less. I needed time, to gather, confront, and express my reflective thoughts and feelings, derived from the REALITY of Mr. McNeil’s words and raw emotions in prose.

If you are squeamish, ignorant, or afraid of the bare truths and personal views, of one that has seen and felt the harshness of life’s experiences, then My Dears, this book is surely not for you, until you have braced yourself accordingly. If you are clueless to the brutality of a systematic oppression…then Bob McNeil’s “Verses Of Realness,” will open your eyes, and shatter your illusions. If you are well aware of the hoodwinked, bamboozlery, that a people go through, “then & now,” this book will touch triggers, of the realities, you already know; yet cheering that this phenomenal wordsmith, brought it out to light, with this catapulted composition…

This chapbook, packs a punch so deep, that the ricochet effect, is felt in each line.
“Verses Of Realness – Poems by Bob McNeil,” is true to its title. Poet Bob McNeil? As we say in New York, ” He kept it real/100.” 

It is beyond being a “must have.” It is a poetic and historical stamp in time, and a roadmap, to what needs to be addressed and dealt with, and a view to the tenacity of a people. It rides on the skirttails of Humanity’s conscience, as the emotions & experiences are wrapped tightly, in ink…

It is a POWERFUL stick of dynamite!
~Maxwanette A. Poetess

✍🏾Order Your Copy: Contact  & Follow Bob McNeil✍🏾

To order his chapbook for a mere $10, contact him at the following PayPal address:

mcneil_bob@yahoo.com or P. O. Box 144, Hollis, NY 11423. Out of appreciation, he will send a bonus gift.

Twitter: @BobMcNeil7  
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bob.mcneil.16   

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/mcneilbob1

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