The Robber of my Heart

I don’t want you
I dearly need you
Sit on your lap
My head on your chest
Hear your heartbeat
Listen as you breath

I want to look into your eye
Draw my world in them,
Excavate hidden treasures,
Assemble our future in them,
Drink from the ocean of your love
When your face glow like a star
I want to be the one to see the glitter

I cherish you like my inner peace
I adore you like my curvaceous body
You are my sweet scented flower
Always evoking goosebumps on me
I feel light and with wings with you
Be my Romeo I be your Juliet
Be glued and never be inseparable.
© Wanda’s Ink Pen
® Wanda The Poet ✍️

Name: Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪