Dear Sister

Welcome back home
The deserted place you cursed
The rivers of our love hasn’t dried yet
We have no shocks of hatred in our hearts
How was your discovery and exploration?

You’ve brought for us a fruit of your womb
I know this wasn’t the plan
Your teeth are no longer strong to chew
strong camel bones from the desert
Your ears and eyes are open to see truth

You never lacked anything in this house
Now see how you’ve grown like grass
We’re are sorry for throwing stones at you
The stones that broke the glasses
The glasses of the house you built

We loved and adored you so much
We didn’t want you to dine with misery
You were already cornered by love,
From the man who was after your pride,
Who later fled and left you desperate.

I know you have lots of stories to tell,
Like a novel arranged in chapters,
Scenes of horror, love and fantasies,
But don’t, you don’t have to,
Our love and care will repair all those cracks.

Life hacks and it sucks too,
You had to learn it from your own story,
This home will always welcome you,
With both hands stretched to receive you,
When left with nowhere to go, you have a home here.

© Wanda’s Ink Pen
® Wanda The Poet ✍️

Name: Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪