When The Time Come

I can’t say it’s now, tomorrow or day after
I don’t know when the train will stop
And allow me in to the promised land
I know I won’t be notified but it will come

That time when the clock will stop to count
My body will stay numb and motionless
When my soul will dance in the air
I will leave a void in my family’s hearts

When the time will come to say goodbye
Don’t allow me to have a shameful departure
I don’t want to be a disgrace to my society
The society that educated and raised me

When comes, allow them donate my organs
The grave is dark and so I don’t need the eyes
My heart too won’t help me when I’m gone
Donate my brain, lungs and even legs

I want to do one last charity in my life
Help those who need them dearly
Inspire and motivate the dying souls
I don’t want to be called mean and selfish

Remind my friends I cherished them
Let my family know how much I treasured them
Inform my wife I loved her so much
Let my children know I will the best Dad to them always.

Email: shokoshugitakeshi@gmail.com
Name: Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪