Unity in Diversity

In the beginning
God was one
Then, so desiring
Like rays of Sun
He multiplied himself
Making many from His Holy Self
To fill the earth
With His divine worth
He made a multitude of humanity
From His all loving divinity
Asking all the sentient beings for global unity
Like a planetary family of humanity

In the beginning
Human embryo is one
Fired by divine attitude
It divides into a multitude
Surpassing much counting and scales
Dividing into trillions of human cells
So says the science of Embryology
By multiplying embryo creates deep human ecology
With holy passion and unity
All trillions of cells get united
With love, becoming bright and lighted
So enlightened with such a holy passion
Unitedly trillions of cells build a human body nation

With my truthful human passion
I pray, if we can learn a lesson
To multiply our inherent divinity
Into a loving planetary humanity
Then, like human body
We must establish a grand human unity
Becoming one united global family of humanity.

All rights reserved
Bhagirath Choudhary
December 17, 2021