My dear honourable friends,

I am happy to send you a NOTE OF THANKS for your contribution towards the PEACE MAKING effort and mission of the Global Literary Society.

Also, I am immensely grateful to all of you (15000+ members of GLS) who have committed firmly to the “Global Positive Literature Movement” of GLS to build a global ecosystem of perpetual world peace through Positive Literature.

Here’s the reference to what we have stated on the BACK COVER of GLS Anthology. —

“The Global Literary Society seeks to create a global wave of Positive Literature highlighting the humanitarian values of world peace, nonviolence, universal empathy, unconditional love and compassion, gender equality, justice, human rights while transcending all the boundaries of caste, colour, class, creed, race, region, religion and nations for building an ecosystem of World Peace, Progress and Prosperity for one and all.

Humanity is suffering from rampant global negativity which is a big cause of violence, hatred and intolerance. GLS motivates every member to be a “Change Maker” for a better world to clean up the global collective consciousness from NEGATIVITY, therefore, the GLSians must strive to write living letters of love and light and become “LITERARY ACTIVIST”. This international anthology of poems titled ” Peace Makers” is such an effort to call upon the global fraternity of poets to write the “living letters” for advancing the cause and mission of “Global Positive Literature Movement” of Global Literary Society.”


Breathe in light and breathe out love,

Bhagirath Choudhary
Global Literary Society