Rhythm of my Heart

I have made mistakes
Uncounted times I’ve messed
Day and night I drowned
All in the name of love

I was this dumb and stupid fella
Who would agree to everything
I never gave it a thought before doing
I listened to people than my heart

I have hit the wrong paths
The paths of glorifying money
That moved my heart to men
I never knew money is not everything

You’ve showed me the world
You’ve made my heart define love
Love is not all about perfection
Love is not all about me but us

I love for what you have
Yes, that heart than never die
The heart that accepted my incompleteness
And filled the void everyone ran away from

I give my heart you to reign
I crown you my king
I accept your imperfections
And be the perfect half of you.

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© Wanda The Poet ✍️
® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪

Poetry From Wanda’s Ink Pen