In my Silence

I can’t sleep
My eyes can’t close
I fear I can never wake up.

I can’t cry
My tears freezed to ice
Saturated salt in them bite.

My body is numb
I can’t feel anything
Pain has slice every sense in me.

I can’t walk
My back is overweighed
I just stare in the void space.

I stink
I’ve buried pain and frustrations
Nowhere to step, tombs everywhere.

I’m tired
I’m sucked dry
Scales peeling off my skin.

In my Silence
I developed a cocoon
Like a pupa I hidden my beauty.

I developed internal immunity
That made me drink and eat my pain
That made me harder than tortoise shell.

I fought the fear
I hunted the depression
I skinned rejection alive.

I slaughtered frustrations
I hanged anger and furry
I married myself.

©® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪