🌹✍🏾Poetrys’ – Bhagirath Choudhary (World Union of Humanists)✍🏾🌹

The Humanism

I longed to enter
The Labrinth dreary
Seeking to know
The living mystery
And its equations
I asked
Many such questions

How to overcome ?
My dishonesty
How to embody ?
My truthful humane honesty

How to overcome ?
My endless justifications
My captivating passions
With hypnotic self deceptive sessions

How to overcome ?
My illusionary dharma
My crooked karma
Isn’t my sympathy ?
A sadistic social drama

Is there a way out ?
For defeating
This devil within and without
And his deadly dishonest clout.

How can I restore ?
My humble sanity
And see with clarity
My embodied divinity

Depths of my human organism
Spoke without ambiguity
Drop your pathetic sadism
Embrace universal empathy
For truthful humanism

Not convenient sympathy
But deep empathy
Brings out the true human art
Feeling deeply within my heart
The pain of my fellow human being
And sufferings of every other organism
Can only enlighten my true humanism

All rights reserved
© Bhagirath Choudhary
Jan 13, 2022

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