💥🌹✍🏾Wanda’s Ink Pen✍🏾🌹💥

I am Alive Not Dead

I can hear from here,
The chirping of birds,
The melody of their voices,
The footsteps shouting,
I can hear,
I can hear their silent prayers,
The whistle in their throats,
The rapture of their tongues,
The thunder of their intestines,
I can hear,
I am their worst nightmares,
I haunt their dreams,
I’m still buried deep in their hearts,
I exist in every statement they make,
I have possessed their minds,
I’m in control of their heart beat.

I’ve tasted it all,
Served hot and spiced,
Sitting on spiky chairs,
Made for me and my generation,
I have sipped to the labyrinth,
Draining all juices from it,
Digging deep to the core,
Drilling with passion and determination,
I’ve tasted bile,acids and poisons,
All run in my system like blood,
Blood replaced by electric currents,
I’m not dead yet, You and Me, One winner.


© Wanda The Poet ✍️
® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪

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