🌹✍🏾”HUMANISM” – w/Bhagirath Choudhary of the World Union of Humanists (WUH)✍🏾🌹

Happy to share my answers to my dear honourable friend and Interviewer Dr Zbigniew Roth of my point of view about the “HUMANISM”
Continued from the previous discussion –

The desire of every artist is to gain wide recognition not only among fans, readers and recipients of his works !!! By browsing social profiles, it can be concluded that there is an artificial race for all kinds of certificates, awards, virtual prizes! What impact do such distinctions have on the actual recognition of the author’s rank in the virtual world of art, do they mobilize the author to raise the level of literary skills, in building a personal artistic image?

Answer –
After the survival instinct and reproductive impulse, the deep impulse of self esteem and self worth dominates the human mind and heart. Everytime a human being receives a smile, an applause, praise or a reward, it gives a sense of a HIGH boosting his self esteem and confidence. This is kind of a built-in evolutionary mechanism which prompts and motivates human beings to perform good acts of kindness, artistic and literary creativity, cultural excellence and community building which are approved and appreciated by the other people.

It is indeed true that with the easy access to the global platform of Facebook has set fire to personal aspirations to seek the wide recognition among the global fraternity of poets, writers, artists and authors which is the root cause of the rat race to get hold of all kinds of VIRTUAL rewards, certificates and awards. This is making many people addicted to this Facebook HIGH even if they know that these virtual certificates and awards mean very little in the real life scenario, the addicts still keep hovering around the SHOP WINDOW of the groups for this “FREE LUNCH” which regularly churn out indiscriminately without any credible criteria of literary or artistic excellence of the awardee in question.

Moreover, the virtual recognition doesn’t do much good to the awardee because it doesn’t ask for artistic or literary excellence but he got it because he was present in front of the Shop Window at the right moment knowing it very well that the award was not hard earned and it was more like a free lunch. However, this situation and scenario is disheartening for many genuine, sincere and excellent literary luminaries, writers, poets, authors and artists to find themselves at the last end of the line unrecognised, unapproved and un – appreciated. But on the other hand it doesn’t matter to the Facebook addicts of “FREE LUNCH” even if they miss the target once in a while.

At the same time, I must acknowledge that there are some sincere people in the Facebook Virtual World who are doing good work of literary excellence and value for promotion of humanitarian values, world peace and global literature. Moreover, we can happily recognise that the virtual world of Facebook has connected quite beautifully the world community of poets, writers, artists, humanists, environment activists and well wishers of global human solidarity and unity as One Earth Family of Humanity.

Who do you think should invest in publishing literary works – author or publisher. It seems that the author and the publisher share the same level of interest in the success of the published work, be it a fact or an illusion, because in my opinion the publisher shifts the investment costs onto the author, which in my opinion causes a high cost of publishing. It seems logical that it was the author who had to put in a lot of work, talent and bear the costs of producing the work, and that the publisher was only interested in the author’s popularity, his name and the vision of the expected income. How do you assess this situation from your point of view?

Answer –
It is indeed sensible to establish the fact that the author and publisher both are equally concerned about the success of the book from the economic point of view. So it is not at all outrageous to say that it will be far better to share the cost of publishing between the author and publisher and if it’s possible to avoid the financial burden upon author all alone considering the hard work and time invested by the author in writing of the book. It is fair to revisit the book publishing business model in a more pragmatic way to share the financial burden between the author and publisher.

Also, we must consider the humanitarian service rendered by the published work and made available to large number of human population around the world. The published WORD acquires easy authentication and approval from the people so it is received with interest enabling its wide reading which leads to the greater SEEDING of the individual and collective consciousness of the human population. This seeding of the human consciousness through the published WORD has accelerated immensely the CULTURAL EVOLUTION of humanity.

I believe every human being is a “BOOK of LIFE” and everyone must share his or her book of life truthfully with humanity for empowering the evolutionary process of MENTAL EVOLUTION which is the evolutionary mandate to humanity. If we could devise, design and deliver the financially less burdensome means and methods of book publishing and global sharing, it will accelerate the evolutionary process of humanity. It may seem like a big dream but if we can provide a global digital platform for publishing the “BOOK of LIFE” of every earth citizen and have the global Archives for published works making it freely available to the Global humanity for wider reading.
Also, it will not only accelerate the evolutionary process but it will empower the humanitarian values of care and cause for establishing globally the compassionate “Humanistic Thought and Word” which will eventually help the evolutionary transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Deus – the divine human being as well.

This “Global Archive of Humanity” will create a truthful “Experiential Wisdom Noosphere” around the our cosmic homestead planet Earth which will eventually establish the “Evolutionary Wisdom Continuum” with the Universal Mind and Heart for accelerating the Cosmic Evolutionary Process making humankind as a “Evolutionary Cosmic Volunteer” or in other words as the “Hand of God” in real sense of “Thy Will Be Done” !
Breathe in light and breathe out love,

Bhagirath Choudhary
World Union of Humanists (WUH)

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