🌹✍🏾Poetrys’ – Kennedy Ochieng of Wanda’s Ink Pen✍🏾🌹


I hide behind my ink
Burying the tattooed scars
Letting no one have a glance
The wounds are fresh like moist soil.

I try not to cry
For gallons of tears will pour
Like an overloaded river
Breaking it’s embarkment.

My pen speak my silence
Unmasking my fake face
Roaring like a lion in the jungle
Showing the bitten wounds.

Powerful my pen is
Romancing and cuddling hearts
When mine is oozing blood
Endlessly stopping it won’t.

Late nights I stay
Staring at my blank ceiling
Awaiting for manna like hope
In vain I wake up with nothing.

I make many laugh
Like mad men they giggle
I carry their pain in my pen
My heart and soul remain disturbed.

Smile hugs my face tight
Deep I’m drowning in a pool
Voices of drums knock in my head
Walks, runs, crawls trample my soul.


® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪

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