✍🏾📚🇰🇪Poetrys – Kennedy Ochieng of Wanda’s InkPen(Kenya) 🇰🇪📚✍🏾

How I Wish

Mummy how I wish you were here
I wouldn’t have been fed insults
I wouldn’t have been ridiculed
I wouldn’t have been a laughing stock
Just if you would have still been alive.

I wash my clothes by myself
My teacher says I’m also dirty
I stink like a garbage mouse
My clothes are not even ironed
I am tired of sobbing every day.

Her words hurt my healed wounds
Wounds I suffered when you decided to go
Go to a land I’ve never known
Never even to return and take care of me
It hurts me the most not seeing you here.

‘Till when will I ever have a mother
Who will love me unconditionally
Who will never bully me like my teacher
Who will wipe my tears and mucus
Who will tap my back and say ‘ I love you my son ‘.

I won’t go back home, auntie is harsh
Father care no more about me
I will stay with you here, beside you I’ll sleep
I will never leave you the way you left me
Let’s freeze together in this cold.

® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪

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