🌹✒Interview With Creative – Ndungu Mojah Chitebe✒🌹

Names: Mojack Chitebe
Stage Name/Pen Name: Ndungu
Born: 4th May 1990
Primary School: Lusaka Boys School
Junior Secondary: Kabulonga Basic School
Senior Secondary: Kabulonga Boys Secondary School
Marital Status: Married to Petronella Lubinga with 3 children
Profession: Environmental Educator
Country: Zambia
City: Lusaka

What type of Poet do you consider yourself to be?

I consider myself as a Pan-African Poet.

When did you know that you wanted to be a Poet?

I new I wanted to be a Poet in the year 2008.

When did you start writing Poetry?

I started writing poetry in 2009

What inspires you to write?

Life is what inspires me to write poetry. The fact that I am life itself makes me feel obligated to write and contribute to the progress and well-being of not only Zambia and Afrika but the entire globe.

What messages are you sending to your readers and listeners?

My message to my readers is Love. I love them so much. My poetry is there because they are there. So I am because together we are!!!

What do you think are some of Humanity’s vital issues & do you have any solutions?

Humanity’s vital issues today are issues of Race/Racism
Conflicts and Divisions based on different religious sects and or inclination.
Issues of Gender
Confusion ignited by politicians with different agendas and self interests
Issues of family destruction. Families today globally are no longer bound together. There is too much individualism at play and so everyone seems to be minding their own business when we are suppose to embrace each other as families. Because everything starts at a family level then community, then local, regional and global.

The solutions to all these societal problems is searching within our self. We need to know our selves first before anything. Then we can know the value of loving our neighbors or our brothers and sisters then everyone would treat others with love before anything else. So love in my view is vital. Love is beyond Gender, beyond religion, beyond politics, beyond any other societal conflict. Love is the root of everything and it’s fruits have a force that can make this world a better place I believe.

Flag of Zambia

What do you think needs to be addressed, in order to promote & support change in Zambia?

In order to bring change in Zambia, we need to address a number of issues. For example, the majority of Zambian youths are not active. Not active and not so responsible. Many youths spend much if their time especially now online Facebooking, playing games, and doing all sorts of activities than are non-beneficial. The other issue in the Zambian settings is that most of the young people are used to spoon-feeding, they don’t want to work and earn their money. The school systems partly is to be blamed as well because many of us in Zambia are not given a education that makes us think, act or solve societal problems but we are mostly fed with theories as not skills. These are the major issues that need to be addressed in our Zambian set up. We need to come up with more skills centres like for example, we need to find ways of investing in Art. We need schools or academia that can embark on training youths and young ones the art of poetry, music, painting, sports and so forth. But to do all this, self realization is cardinal!

What are your views on creativity & entrepreneurship?

My views on creativity and entrepreneurship are: creativity and entrepreneurship are like siblings or like sisters because they move together. We cannot talk about one without mentioning the other. So we need to reach a point where we are able to perfect our artistic skills be it music or poetry or any other art form and then we can then know the value that is attached to any art or piece of art. We can only display or showcase our art work or skills with pride and confidence only if we know the importance and the value that is embedded in our skills or art forms. Creativity and entrepreneurship move hand in hand and so we need to perfect our creativity with an intention of making money or realizing a profit or incentives from our skills. Because in the end every young person has needs to be met and so the two cannot and should not be separated.

What was your most learning and or teachable moment?

I don’t if I have the most learning or teachable moment. But what I can say is that i have been learning from the time when I started poetry. I have written awful lines. I have had bad performances on stage before. Each and every moment especially bad ones, have made me who I am today. Though on the other hand I would say my most teachable moment was when I was invited to perform at the Lusaka National Museum. I met poets and Poetesses who performed with so much poetic skill and prowess in Afrikan langauges. This experience taught me a lot and gave me so much courage and strength as a Poet.

What advice would you give the Youths today?

My advice to the youths is that every youth must know that each one of them have a responsibility to bring out the light in them so as to make our world a better place. The world is entangled with so many problems today and the youths today must  rise to the occasion and contribute in whichever positive way to create a society they want. Our skills, gifts and talents were given to us so that we can be of help especially in this time that this world needs healing and development in all angles. Search within your self and give love, support and upliftment to those who need it. Don’t hide what the creator has put in you. Money is a need yes but service to our communities today is of paramount importance. Thank you so much. Blessings and light to the world.

If you can share a message with Humanity,  what would it be?

My message to humanity is Love. This world needs only one language and culture.

How are you fulfilling or contributing to your life’s purpose?

I’m contributing to my life purpose by continuing to know myself, writing poetry and sharing what I know with the youths around me.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a poetry project. It will be my first published book. I really can’t Wait to see my book and touch it with my own hands. I also want to compose poetry in Audio format. I want it to be a collection of poems in Chichewa language and others will be in my mother tongue called Ila.

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