🌹✒The Gift of Love✒🌹

Poetic Collaboration Of: Shahid Abbas & Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Newest collaboration:

“The Gift of Love”


Love inspires, love defies,
Once your heart starts beating for another
Each day your life changes,
As your love becomes the anchor against the waves.

Shahid :

Love is the root of every relation,
It’s the language of every Creation
The beauty of our souls
It’s heavenly passion.


Love is a gift from the Most High,
At birth, the touch of our Mother’s hand
Symbolizes how she adores her Beloved child,
Love is not just a word, it is Life.


Love led us to God,
Creates many beautiful ways
Along the way, humans say
We are all equal,
And superior to all creatures.


Love is the reason why we exist,
Love is seen through one’s eyes,
For it is where truth lies
Love takes a new meaning in your life.

Shahid :

Love, the great gift of the Creator,
How worthy it is!
We can see and feel
It can heal,
Even the oldest wounds.


Love can cure an ailing world,
Amid the madness and the chaos
Love heals and mends the brokenhearted,
Makes shattered dreams whole again
To face a bright new morning.


Love has its own regime,
The innocent can desire
The ugly can inspire,
The ungrowable plants can grow
Even in the bottom of snow.


The gift of love is immeasurable,
It is felt eventhough invisible
Love when true resides in the core of your heart,
Sees the beauty in anyone,
Teaches how to love perfectly the imperfect.


Let’s spread
The deep colour of red,
We are here for just a few days
Don’t know when will be our last breath,
The word love is embedded in the core of the universe.

Shahid Abbas/Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright April 15, 2022

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