April 26th, 2022 7PM (TUESDAY) EST.

Special Guest: William S. Peters Sr. aka ‘Just Bill’

“William S. Peters, Sr., aka ‘Just Bill’, is an award-winning global activist for humanity. His poetry and prowess have been acknowledged and translated across the world. He is the founder and chair of Inner Child Enterprises, Inner Child Press International and the World Healing, World Peace Foundation. He utilizes these vehicles along with his poetry and other writings to champion the cause of consciousness, peace, love, acceptance and compassion. His personal perspective is that ‘life is a garden’, and we must plant seeds of good intent, light and love that we all may harvest a sweet bountiful fruit. The ‘by-line’ Mr. Peters has coined for Inner Child Press International is ‘building bridges of cultural understanding’. Achieving this vital connection is his inspiration.”
-Noreen Ann Synder (HOST)

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